How to write days of week in Japanese

I started to learn japanese by myself for few months. As the same way I have learned english succesfully by myself for many years ago, I start to write daily diary or status on social media by japanese.

At first, I wrote any sentence i learned in previous day. Short sentences. Now i start to add more : days, month, year on status, or daily diar.

At beginning, I did not know how to write days of week in japanese because i have not learn it yet, so i asked my husband about days of week and how to write date in japanese.

Afterward I taked note on my notebook. Whenever i write status or daily diary I will try to remember days of week, date/month/year in japanese. I will check it out on notebook if i forgot.

Day by day, I learned by heart days of week, date/month/year in japanese ( kanji ) automatically without spending much effort

Now, the table below is about Days of week in Japanese. I write it down in kata and kanji for you easy to learn both

Days of week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Kanji 月曜日 火曜日 水曜日 木曜日 金曜日 土曜日 日曜日
Kana げつようび かようび すいようび もくようび きんようび どようび にちようび
Romanji getsuyoobi kayoobi suiyoobi yoobi kinyoobi dooyoobi nichiyoobi

The pattern of kanji in writing days of week:   A+曜日 

The pattern of kana in writing days of week:   A+ようび

I will always write first line on daily diary or status on Facebook is:

今日は……曜日です. 2020 年 10 月 21 日 

(kyo wa, [A] yoobi desu. 2020 nen 10 gatsu 21 nichi) 

If you write this sentence and speak out louder single by single day. It will be yours.

Japanese is not hard as we thought. Fighting!!!

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