How To Write Takai 高い and Yasui 安い In Kanji

Today I’m learning new word in Kanji is: Takai and Yasui , meaning Expensive and Cheap

Kanji 高い
Hiragana たかい
Reading ( romanji)  takai
Meaing expensive


Kanji 安い
Hiragana やすい
Reading ( romanji)  yasui
Meaing cheap

Now, let’s start to learn with me How to write takai 高い in Kanji , and how to write yasui 安い in Kanji

Self study Japanese is not easy, but it is not difficult also. Writing in Japanese is the most complicated because it’s 3 types of writing with Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Kanji is the most difficult lessons for whom learning japanese by themself.

So do I, learning Kanji is not easy as Hiragana or Katakana but I think it is not simple for Japanese too, so take it easy to learn Kanji.

The best way to learn Kanji is :

  • Learn with hiragana don’t learn seperate Kanji word only

Most of people learn Kanji with seperate word. And they try to learn Kanji by heart as much as they can. But It is not best way to learn Kanji for newbier.

As the baby learn Japanese, they learn to listen first then mockup what they heard, afterward learning to write and reading.

I have learn english with that way too, and it works, very easy for me to remember the vocabulary and can write or reading well. So whenever I learn lesson there has Kanji word in that sentences, I will learn kanji about: Meaning, and How to write, How to read.

For example: The lesson I’ve learn in Japanesepod101 is about how much does it cost, there has sentence:

これはですか ( Kore wa nan desu ka? )

これはです  ( Korea wa, niku desu  )

It has 何 & write in Kanji, so I will learn by heart those kanji vocabularies and the meaning

  • Learn how to write in Kanji

I will searching how to write Kanji to correct the best way in writing Kanji.

  • Keep writing and speak loudly Kanji word as much as you can
  • Review previous lesson, and collect family Kanji word

how to write niku in Kanji 


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