Vocabulary about your family in Kanji, Japanese

The following is the word list for one’s own Japanese family members.

Kanji Hiragana or
Romaji Meaning
1. 家族 かぞく kazoku Family / Family Members
2. 祖父 そふ sofu Grandfather
3. 祖母 そぼ sobo Grandmother
4. 伯父 おじ oji Uncle (Older than Parent)
5. 叔父 おじ oji Uncle (Younger than Parent)
6. 伯母 おば oba Aunt (Older than Parent)
7. 叔母 おば oba Aunt (Younger than Parent)
8. 両親 りょうしん ryoushin Parents
9. ちち chichi Father
10. はは haha Mother
11. 兄弟 きょうだい kyoudai Siblings / Brothers
12. 姉妹 しまい shimai Sisters
13. あに ani Older Brother
14. あね ane Older Sister
15. おとうと otouto Younger Brother
16. いもうと imouto Younger Sister
17. 夫婦 ふうふ fuufu Married Couple / Husband and Wife
18. 主人 しゅじん shujin Husband
19. おっと otto Husband
20. 家内 かない kanai Wife
21. つま tsuma Wife
22. 従兄弟 いとこ itoko Cousin (Male)
23. 従姉妹 いとこ itoko Cousin (Female)
24. 子供 こども kodomo Children
25. 息子 むすこ musuko Son
26. むすめ musume Daughter
27. おい oi Nephew
28. めい mei Niece
29. まご mago Grandchild
30. 義理の兄 ぎりのあに giri no ani Brother-in-law (older than you)
31. 義理の弟 ぎりのおとうと giri no otouto Brother-in-law (younger than you)
32. 義理の息子 ぎりのむすこ giri no musuko Son-in-law
33. 義理の~ ぎりの~ giri no ~ ~-in-law
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