All The Things You Need To Know Before Travel To Cu Chi Tunnels

All The Things You Need To Know Before Travel To Cu Chi Tunnels

When you travel to Saigon City ( HCM city ), Cu Chi Tunnels is one of the places for tourist to visit. This post is all information you need to know before to travel to Cu Chi Tunnels. Shabe Blog has experienced in 2 times travel to Cu Chi, the first time I traveled by myself, the second time traveled on tour, and today We will answer for below question:

  • How to reach to Cu Chi Tunnels?
  • How far from District 1 to Cu Chi Tunnels? Can I go and back in a day?
  • How much for tour? Which company tourist I should book?
  • What is Cu Chi Tunnels? Have any thing interested in?
  • How’s the weather? What should I bring with me when visit Cu Chi Tunnels?

First question What is Cu Chi Tunnels? Have any thing interested in? 

According to website:  “Cu Chi Tunnels is a place that was classified in the top 7 strangest tourist destinations in Southeast Asia and in the top 6 man-made structures of the world. Located in the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City, consists a tunnel stretching 200 kilometers, built during the time of the anti-American resistance war. This relic is being used as a war museum, a destination for domestic and foreign tourists to visit and explore”

You can read more infomation about Cu Chi Tunels on this website

How to reach to Cu Chi Tunnels? 

The most important question when you wanna go anywhere, there has 2 commons way to reach Cu Chi Tunnels, they are: go by motorbike  and go on the tour

1/ Go by motorbike : 

In 2014, I have experienced to travel by motorbike by myself with a friend from India, and 2 more vietnamese friends.

I am Saigon citizens but I havent ever gone to Cu Chi Tunnels before, so when we go there, we use google maps to guide us reach there. If you went from District 1, it is around 2hours and a half if you go by motorbike.

2/How much for tour? Which company tourist I should book?

price for cu chi tunnels tour
The ticket for cu chi tunnels tour by The Sinh Tourist

You can go to The Sinh Tourist for booking directly, or you can book on their website. My friend booked directly at the Office of The Sinh Tourist at 246 De Tham Street, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1. The price for a half day ticket is 149.000đ for 1 passenger. It is quiet cheap price.

The Sinh Tourist has a good services so I highly recommend to book tour from this company, or you can check it out the price from many tourist company located on pham ngu lao street, bui vien street, de tham street, there has many companies there.

How’s the weather?

Oh no, how can i say, uhm in Saigon is only has 2 seasons : hot and hotter. Cu Chi , Tay  Ninh  are very hotter than Saigon weather. So when you travel to Cu Chi Tunnels, I highly you should wear hat, you can wear shortpants, or T-shirt whatever make you feel comfortble under sun burn.

What is inside of Cu Chi Tunnels?

Well if you are interested in history, you might feel interesting to visit there, there is amazing tunnels was build by vietnamese soldiers just by their hand without any stone, any cenments at all. And the tunnels map is very complicated, you might get lost if you get inside tunnels without guidetour.

On the program of visiting, there will have some short tunnels for traveler can go inside by themselves

You will know how vietnamese people do rice paper, and know how to vietnamese soldiers makes shoes with tire

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