Which Best Hostel Should We Choose Located In Bui Vien Street-Experience and

Hi guys,

Today I would like to share with you about accomodation to stay in Ho Chi Minh City, Normally The foreigner will choose the hostel or hotel in bui vient street, why was that?

There has 3 reasons:

First of all, the local citizens call this is Western Street, because there has so much foreigners, and so much shops, tourist companies, bus services, food restaurants, coffee shops, bars…. are all to service for foreign tourists. All restaurants, shops… all people around this streets can speak english, chinese, korean, japanese even russian, ……So many foriegner tourist like to book hotel here because it is easy for them to communicate with local people

The second is there has many kind of services for tourist such as: 24hours convenience stores, restaurants, tours, bus services, coffee shops, bars, souvenir shop , ….. it is convenience for tourist easy to find out every things they need

The third reason is it is located in center of Ho Chi Minh City, it is near to Ben thanh market, you can go buy walk if you want, it is near to go anywhere else within Saigon

And City Poshtel Hostel is located in Bui Vien Street. Today I will share with you my friends story and why I highly recommend you to choose Poshtel Hostel. Let check it out my review Poshtel Hostel

  • Price: cheap, from 137.000vnd -235.000vnd
  • Location: excellent , it is located in Bui Vien Street
  • Room facility: excellent, it is beautiful, new, and clean
  • Wifi: it is good connection, not really strong but it is good enough
  • Breakfast: included
  • Services: excellent, the staffs are friendly
  • Safe: it is good security for you to keep your wallet, money, your stuff safe , avoid for stolen

About stolen money, I would like to share with you my friend problem, he books another hostel but he lost money when he lets his wallet into security boxes. That is true and he complaints it to receptionist staff but staff has nothing can do just say sorry to him, so he immediately changes hostel, and he moved into City Poshtel, normally he often book room in City Poshtel but that time he wanted to have experience in new hostel, and that is unfortunately bad experience

One more tips for you: when you book hotel in vietnam, agoda or airbnb always has good price than booking ^_^!